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VERONICA TATE - Ironclad (Book #1 Women of Strength Series)

From her side of the bars, strength meant one thing.  For those on the opposite side, it meant something else completely.  Caretaker for the worst of the worst, a calling few others would consent to, was something she excelled at. 


Veronica Tate battled her way through debilitating hardships that seemed to go on forever.  She could not get a break.  And so it was rock bottom that became the footing on which she rebounded.  Never again would she allow anyone else to determine her worth.  She became uncompromising, and nothing short of courtesy and respect would be tolerated.


When you’ve lost everything and gained it back again, you become fearless.  Within fearlessness itself, there is enormous strength.  What a gloriously liberating way to live.

VERONICA TATE - Ironclad (Book #1 Women of Strength Series)

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