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MABEL KEETS - Shooter - (Series Book #4)  

One minute, life was perfect, and the next, it wasn’t.


How quickly the renowned sharpshooter’s world shifted from living her dream in a sleepy corner of the province to battling fear, limitations and all-encompassing persecution.


In the blink of an eye, Mabel Keets found herself alone with five children to fend for. Without warning, she became the sole provider and pillar of strength. Adversity didn’t ask permission or offer a choice before it slammed the naïve country woman with more misery than she believed was possible, confronting her with the uncompromising ultimatum: sink or swim.


Challenged beyond what she thought she could survive, out of necessity, she chose to stand and fight the evil tyrant head-on. Much to Mabel’s surprise, strength and courage appeared out of nowhere and were enough to see her through anything coming her way.




When you feel you’ve been dealt more than you can handle, dig deep for the powerful resources you need are there. You just had to realize it yourself. You are strength.


CARLY BAINES - Uppercut - (Series Book #3)  

Confined to the house for the first fourteen years, Carlina Baines knew nothing but isolation and bitter loneliness. Once permitted to venture out, she was ill-equipped for the world before her. Exceedingly intelligent, she was socially illiterate.

Alone in their luxurious mansion on Christmas Eve, the wealthy young woman was confronted with a shock she was unprepared for. Without warning or explanation, Carlina discovered she was not whom she thought she was.


In the dark back corner of the boxing club she’d spent years in as a distraction from her loneliness, a shadow of a woman was sitting in stillness, seemingly more withdrawn from the world than Carlina ever had been. Who was she, and why did she look so out of place?


Exhausted and beaten to the ground in defeat, when the resounding command came to get up and give it one more shot, Carlina suddenly found strength she didn’t know she had. Drawing it from the depths of her being, one last burst of energy was all she needed to overcome that which confronted her.



When you feel you have nothing left to give, dig deep. Search for inner strength, and you will find it. Under high temperatures and immense pressure, diamonds are created and forced to the earth’s surface. You are one of those diamonds. Never quit! Never never quit!

LYDIA HOFFMAN - Relentless - (Series Book #2)  

A victim of circumstance, Lydia Hoffman knew nothing of the world beyond the decayed community she grew up in. A passive young woman who always hid behind someone stronger, the time came when there was no one left to shield her. That inconceivable, terrifying night, everything she knew as normal, lay motionless on the floor in the hallway.

Knowing they’d come back for her and as frightened as she was, she forged onward for the sake of her son. Without life skills or know-how, Lydia overcame one debilitating adversity after another, each time growing inwardly stronger. With this newfound strength, she would fight to the death. They had taken everything else. They could not have her son.


You cannot give what you don’t have. You cannot become what you don’t know exists. Therefore to grow into more, you must draw on the courage within and bravely step into the unknown.

Be bold. Take the chance. Climb the mountain and see what’s on the other side. You may astound yourself.


VERONICA TATE - Ironclad - (Series Book #1)

From her side of the bars, strength meant one thing.  For those on the opposite side, it meant something else completely.  Caretaker for the worst of the worst, a calling few others would consent to, was something she excelled at. 

Veronica Tate battled her way through debilitating hardships that seemed to go on forever.  She could not get a break.  And so it was rock bottom that became the footing on which she rebounded.  Never again would she allow anyone else to determine her worth.  She became uncompromising, and nothing short of courtesy and respect would be tolerated.



When you’ve lost everything and gained it back again, you become fearless.  Within fearlessness itself, there is enormous strength.  What a gloriously liberating way to live.

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