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Often the greatest writing, music and art, come from a place of deeply seeded, long ago pain...

Canadian author and lifetime resident of the Niagara Region, Judy MacPherson, launches the long-awaited next series and it’s quickly going viral. As if the world was waiting for another book to go into print, orders are pouring in and shipping worldwide.


‘Women of Strength’ and ‘The Yorkton Series’ have it all – challenge, heartache, intrigue, victory, and far too much realism, at least for the author. What started as a personal journey of healing, has evolved into a passion, a change of direction, and words of advice for those struggling with adversity. 


MacPherson’s writing captures the hearts of many as the new book series unfolds.  There are numerous similarities between the author and the characters. The experiences carry a spellbinding truth, in some respects relating closely to her real-life story of challenge and hardship. 


“I want to inspire others who have been confronted with life-altering adversity.  I want them to know that it can be overcome. You can go on to live your best life in happiness, health, and abundance.”


Her life has been devastatingly difficult, and she tells her personal story through both the written word and as a dynamic speaker.  Those who have read the first book in The Yorkton Series, ‘Angel of Adversity’, and fully understand the reality behind the words, will come to realize that the real Angel of Adversity is MacPherson herself.



“When you’ve lost everything and gained it back again, you become fearless.  Within fearlessness itself, there is enormous strength.  What a gloriously liberating way to live.”         ~ Judy MacPherson                      

Judy MacPherson
Author & Speaker

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