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Unwavering Grit - The Yorkton Series - Book #3 (Paperback)

When you think you can’t handle any more hardship, is about when you realize that you can.

Robert Whitman had a plan. Every detail had been thought through, so how could he possibly fail?


Like a missile, life launched an arrogant strike at the empire he was building, thrusting him to his knees among the jagged shards of glass.


Searching for a new direction, the dejected cowboy found himself starring from the distance, drawn toward a distraction that was the furthest thing from his mind. Lured into a brawl to protect the innocent victims, the Amish and English worlds collided. Unable to detach from the forbidding intrigue, a disagreeable skirmish transpired as misfortune pummeled his existence from every direction.


Floundering at rock bottom, Robert received a priceless gift.  In spite of everything, the will to carry on materialized. With a knock on the front door, all he needed was right there in front of him.


A story of courage, resolve, and unwavering strength of character.


Book 3 – The Yorkton Series

Unwavering Grit - The Yorkton Series - Book #3 (Paperback)

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