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MABEL KEETS - Shooter (Book #4 Women of Strength Series)

One minute, life was perfect, and the next, it wasn’t.


How quickly the renowned sharpshooter’s world shifted from living her dream in a sleepy corner of the province to battling fear, limitations and all-encompassing persecution.


In the blink of an eye, Mabel Keets found herself alone with five children to fend for. Without warning, she became the sole provider and pillar of strength. Adversity didn’t ask permission or offer a choice before it slammed the naïve country woman with more misery than she believed was possible, confronting her with the uncompromising ultimatum: sink or swim.


Challenged beyond what she thought she could survive, out of necessity, she chose to stand and fight the evil tyrant head-on. Much to Mabel’s surprise, strength and courage appeared out of nowhere and were enough to see her through anything coming her way.


When you feel you’ve been dealt more than you can handle, dig deep down, for the powerful resources you need are there. You just had to realize it yourself. You are strength.

MABEL KEETS - Shooter (Book #4 Women of Strength Series)

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