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Intestinal Fortitude - The Yorkton Series - Book #4 - eBook

The power of the mind is extraordinary.  It works for or against you and is solely dependent upon what has been imprinted - glory or utter destruction. 


Ethan Whitman was an elite soldier trained in precision, long-range fire.  Sneaking behind enemy lines, he conveyed information about the size and strength of the rival.  A master of disguise, often hiding in plain sight, he’d await the exact right millisecond for flawless execution, annihilating the identified threat.


Exceedingly skilled, he was the best sniper the Canadian Army had ever known.  The one they sent out when the odds were against them, time and again, he returned victorious.  Nonetheless, even the best of the best have a limit as to how much horror they can withstand and still function.


This enthralling fourth book in The Yorkton Series delivers in a massive way.  The dramatic account of the Whitman family from Yorkton, Saskatchewan, peaks then concludes in this gripping final chapter.

Intestinal Fortitude - The Yorkton Series - Book #4 - eBook

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