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LYDIA HOFFMAN - Relentless (Book #2 Women of Strength Series)

A victim of circumstance, Lydia Hoffman knew nothing of the world beyond the decayed community she grew up in. A passive young woman who always hid behind someone stronger, the time came when there was no one left to shield her. That inconceivable, terrifying night, everything she knew as normal, lay motionless on the floor in the hallway.


Knowing they’d come back for her and as frightened as she was, she forged onward for the sake of her son. Without life skills or know-how, Lydia overcame one debilitating adversity after another, each time growing inwardly stronger. With this newfound strength, she would fight to the death. They had taken everything else. They could not have her son.


You cannot give what you don’t have. You cannot become what you don’t know exists. Therefore to grow into more, you must draw on the courage within and bravely step into the unknown.


Be bold. Take the chance. Climb the mountain and see what’s on the other side. You may astound yourself.

LYDIA HOFFMAN - Relentless (Book #2 Women of Strength Series)

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