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Hi Judy,

I just read the books of "Women of Strength" series. All 4 were incredibly inspiring and affirmative of the strength women have. Connecting characters within books was a welcome surprise. Knowing your journey in life, I am so incredibly inspired and proud of you. The STRENGTH you have harnessed from within is incredible. We have been blessed with the gift of a writer, who can share and encourage others to find their strength. Thank-you Judy.  ~ Susie P.​

Hi Judy,

Just finished Immortal Moment! Amazing! So good. Cannot wait to start the 3rd book!! You're a fabulous author. ~ Meg B.

Hello Judy. I just finished reading Unwavering Grit. Another un-putdownable and enthralling read. Your writing brought me so far into the lives of the characters, yet again, that I found myself captivated from the very first page. What a wonderful story of diversity, acceptance and love, and overcoming life's hardships. Thank you again, for another powerful story! ~ Helen M.

Judy, yesterday I picked up your book Immortal Moment and I just finished reading it. Thank you for this book. I know parts of it must have been difficult for you to write. I wept for the characters I grew to love and for you. What a truly remarkable story. It will stay with me for a very long time. ~ Helen M.

Omg! Uppercut is amazing!  Love how you incorporate local Toronto in the setting, and Veronica Tate showed up. Love these women in your books. So inspiring. You are amazing, my friend. Your writing is AMAZING !   ~ Susan M.

I’m reading Ironclad while on vacation in Cuba! It’s wonderful!!     ~ Carrie S.

Oh, Judy, thank you for channelling life's trials, tribulations and experiences into such fantastic stories to share with us all!! I was so thrilled when I opened a personally signed copy!! Let me know when your next masterpiece is available!!! ~ Karen D.

Just finished Ironclad. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next one!! ~ Christine B.

Just finished Book #1, Ironclad Judy!  It was awesome.  Can’t wait for the rest!!!  ~ Lina G.

I love your most recent book. It captured me from the very start. Veronica Tate is my hero. Loved it!

~ Jackie H.


I couldn’t put Veronica Tate down.  I read it in a single night.  Lol.  Keep them coming Judy and I’ll keep reading them!.

~ Kristin F.

I'm just about to start Book #4 in the Yorton Series series.  When I'm done, then what???????????  I have REALLY enjoyed your books.  I feel like I personally know these people.  I also love the way they are intertwined with each other. ~ Cheryl O.

Holy smokes… way to make a girl cry!!! LOL...

I finished reading all 4 of your books last night… I loved them!!  I think I had tears within the first 10 pages of the first book lol.  I loved how all of the stories are related to the others.  I love reading books like that because you really get to know the characters!!  I really love how they are based mostly in Canada… love our country!!  I don’t know how you ever thought of these story lines, but you are a very talented writer!!  I’m not a critic by any means, but I feel if I can get attached to the characters in stories and I feel like I’m right there with them or their situations are similar to mine, then it’s a great read!!  I just thought I’d say thank you for writing these, as I enjoyed reading them very much!!  ~ Pam G.


I just enjoyed some quiet time this morning and finished Book 3.  I'm just glad nobody was awake to see me in tears.  Thank you for allowing me to experience so many emotions with your characters.  I will be ordering book 4 shortly. You are amazing!  ~ Maria B.

Just finished book #4 this morning.  It was wonderful.  I really enjoyed this one.  I don’t know if the dog had something to do with it as well now that I’m crazy attached dog lover.  The storyline was amazing.  I didn’t expect the end.  Very captivating. I love page 196.  Awesome words of wisdom.

❤️ ~ Lina G.

Thank you for taking me on an exciting adventure.  I read both books, 1 and 2 of The Yorkton Series.  I was transported to Saskatchewan, and went through the emotional roller coaster as the characters did.  I was right there with them.  Both stories were so well written.  I could see it as if I was watching a movie.  (I really hope they will make it into a movie). I loved the little connection between the books, and I can't wait to read the next one.  Please keep on writing.  Keep on shining, and keep spreading strength and hope, when we need it the most.   

~ Janet V.                 

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