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The Remarkable Perfect You

A Starter’s Guide to Freedom


This book is a hard-hitting self-awareness course, challenging those who are ready to stop kidding themselves, make the changes necessary, and just GO FOR IT!

You have attracted this book into your life for a  reason, yet only you will know why. 

Do you feel lost or defeated?  Are you confused about who you are, why you’re here and what your purpose is?  Are you wondering how your life ended up being so far away from all you intended it to be? 

Take comfort that you are not alone in this mindset.  Though some people hide it better than others, virtually everyone is wondering the same thing.  Mediocre living, financial hardship and total lack of fulfillment, have become the high bar of achievement for most people.  We are trudging through life in a stress induced coma!  

The precious amount of time we have been gifted with on this planet to learn and grow, instead becomes a prison sentence where we serve eighty years of struggle, disease and disappointment.  Wasn’t life supposed to be more?   Did we really come here for this?


The question:  Where have all of your simply outrageous goals and dreams gone? 


The answer:  They are still there waiting for you.  You just need to go back, dust them off and breathe life into them.  It’s time to return to your Greatness.


This book is packed solid with conviction.  Stone by precious stone, I jumped, hopped, leapt, gambled, stumbled, fell and many times nearly drown, as I forged my way through some of life’s toughest lessons, all in a quest to cross the river and find a better life.    


I did it and so can you.  It's time to make your life extraordinary.   You are worthy of so much more.  Let’s get started!